Thursday, 10 September 2015

A demonstration of the Ghost / Spirit Box

For those with just a passing interest in the paranormal, they will often encounter reference to a ‘ghostbox’ (or ‘spiritbox’) and openly wonder what an earth one of these things are.

Effectively, it’s a modern radio that has been modified to repeatedly scan a radio band, to infinity, without stopping at the first radio station it comes across for which it was originally manufactured to do.

How does it work?
The theory behind the device is that spirits (or similar) can utilise the airwaves and use it to communicate with us in the living world, the same as someone may choose to use white noise to attempt to record EVP.

The device is controversial on many levels and is openly criticised by some, even experienced, paranormal researchers.

Effectively, those who argue against the voice suggest that people were just listening to snippets of radio broadcasts whilst the radio band was being scanned, whilst those who believed that something genuinely paranormal was happening, arguing that, as the radio was constantly being scanned, you shouldn’t get a long sentence in a single voice and the amount of four letter word responses frequently obtained ruled out anything being broadcast by radio stations anyway.

For us, whilst having doubts about the ghostbox, we felt that it was unfair to criticise the device without first having used it ourselves, so we decided to get one ourselves and see what it did, fully expecting to stick the thing in the bin after a couple of goes.

A ghostbox at last!
Anyway, a couple of weeks after ordering from America, one duly turned up in the post.

It was a lot smaller than we imagined.

Our ghostbox of choice - the P-SB7, with external speaker
Rather than just do something off the cuff, we decided to set down a schedule for recording sessions, that we would adhere to, which would be at different times to minimise the chance of recording the same voice from a regular broadcast and confusing it with repeat visits from the same ‘spirit’ (for want of a better term).

In preparing for the first session later in the evening, I put batteries in the ghostbox and turned it on to test it. I immediately got a ‘HELLO’ from the device.

I turned it straight off.


To save reading through a boring transcript of what followed over the sessions that we recorded, you’ll find a segment from the recording of the first session below.

There has been no editing other than isolating the segment from the main recording.

We are not proposing a paranormal source for what we recorded, nor are we suggesting that we just recorded random radio broadcasts. To this day, we do not know.

This article is simply to demonstrate the device in action, nothing more, nothing less.

As always with audio phenomena, the recording is best listened to using headphones.......

Any comments would be most welcome, we may post another session that we did, if there is sufficient interest.


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