Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Demonstration of the Ghostbox (part 2)

The ghostbox recording that we posted back in September appeared to be popular, so we thought that we’d now post the second session that we uploaded to YouTube at the time.

At this point in our recording sessions, we were getting a lot of unpleasant abuse coming through aimed at Laura, from one ‘voice’ in particular – a gentleman with a Scottish accent.

We therefore carefully considered the situation and decided to end our recording sessions there and then.

Writing this in the cold light of day, over two years later and, over a 100 miles from where we physically made the recordings, we accept that to many, this appears to be a strange reason to stop.

However, after some reflection, I guess that it was a case of discretion being better than valour.

To this very day, we still have no views either way for or against the ghostbox, but we can assure you that what we’ve posted here and on YouTube is representative of what we experienced and it is a device that we believe is deserving of further attention, despite the controversy surrounding it.

Some people just like to hear the sound of their own voices, it makes them feel important.

The present day
At the moment, the ghostbox sits, neatly packed in its original box a couple of inches to my right as I put this blog together. The technology has now moved on and you can even download apps and software to your mobile phone and computer that will perform the same function.

The question remains will we ever put batteries in it and start using it to record again?

Only time will tell.......


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