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Remote Viewing Exercise – Update

Just your ordinary memorial....

More than a few months have passed since the remote viewing exercise that we undertook back in July and we suspect that many may be curious as to how (if at all) this has developed in the ensuing months.

Our original article relating to the remote viewing exercise can be found HERE

In truth, since we last updated the blog, things continue to tick along and, along with other projects that we’re working on, we were able to get an update on the situation regarding one particular piece of information that Laura picked up upon, which had intrigued everyone involved at the time – the symbol that was suggested to be found on the back of a stone memorial in the grounds of the location.

The visit
A couple of months after the exercise,  Jason, who had kindly provided the images for the remote viewing session, was able to return and visit the location for the first time since July and was keen to examine the memorial, a Celtic Cross, to establish whether there was anything etched onto the reverse of the memorial.

The Celtic Cross

Upon entering the grounds, Jason advised that he approached the area of the church yard where the Celtic Cross was located and went straight to the cross.

He examined the reverse of the Cross carefully, but could find nothing of interest. Jason found that the reverse of the Cross was textured and appeared unsuitable for any symbol to be left there, etched or otherwise.

The symbol
Casting the net further afield, Jason approached the gravestone immediately behind the Cross and examined its reverse.

                 The discovery of the symbol, by Jason

The reverse of the memorial immediately behind the |Celtic Cross

Beneath the moss he could make out a faint symbol scratched into the stonework. Scraping the accumulated moss and lichen away revealed a circle, intersected by two lines.


Whilst there appeared to be a connection with what Laura had originally picked up remotely, it was not a ‘direct’ hit – there was indeed a symbol, but it wasn't on the gravestone that had originally indicated by Laura.

A close up of the reverse of the cross, showing the symbol.

Nevertheless, Jason found himself face to face with a symbol, found as a direct result of the suggestion made by Laura as part of the remote viewing experiment.

This also begged the question as to what the symbol meant?

Jason informed us that he felt that the symbol had actually been there for quite some time and was not a recent addition – he had to remove the moss and lichen to view the symbol fully and for him to be able to photograph it adequately.

Apart from this, there were no other clues as to its origin.

What does the symbol represent?

To be brutally honest, at the time of writing, we have absolutely no idea – our research and that of several contacts with knowledge of the Occult that we have been in touch with regarding the symbol, have found no reference to this design, nor had anyone encountered anything like it previously.

The location does have a history of occult use, with some unsavory incidents being noted in the past that may still continue to occur to this present day. However we believe that the symbol relates to the historic use of the location, not that of more contemporary times.

So let us take a closer look at the symbol itself.

The circle, also referred to as a sun disc, sacred hoop or indeed a ring, is a widely recognised symbol within the Occult world, representing ‘Protection’. However, it does hold other meanings, not all good, such as a serpent (forming a circle as it eats its own tail) or as a representation of the Fire element.

However, with our symbol, this has clearly been modified slightly by the addition of two lines. Furthermore, it then looks like a couple of further rough lines have been added, in an effort to strike the symbol else – either by the originator of the symbol or, someone else who had encountered it afterwards.

The Red lines represent what we feel was the original etching, whilst the lines in Blue is an attempt to strike out the symbol.

Of course, we do have a couple of theories relating to its meaning but, until we have something more concrete to present, we will leave it at that, unsatisfactory as it is.

Its important to stress that we would welcome any information or suggestions as to what the symbol represents, so feel free to leave any comments or thoughts that you may have below.

We will obviously post updates to this development as and when they occur.

Laura and Mark.

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